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interior design tips for kids' spaces

Are you planning some small renovations in your kids' rooms or maybe their playroom? Interior design can be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially when working in kids' rooms and playrooms. This blog will provide you with all sorts of ideas that you can use in the spaces that your kids use each day. You will find tips about what types of paint to use, ideas for finishing the walls uniquely and even tips for finding the right furnishings for the space. You will also find ideas for tasks that your kids can help you with during the renovation process.

Hire An Interior Designer To Improve Electronics Use At Home

You may notice that your household loves using electronics. Sometimes, the convenience, enjoyment, or satisfaction of using these electronics is diminished by your home's features and qualities. An excellent example is sunlight causing a huge glare on the living room television, which can discourage your family from using the TV during the day.

Hire an interior designer to make changes throughout your home to benefit electronic use.


Focusing on the electronics themselves is a smart move because a designer can make general improvements for them all. For instance, they may find that there is only one great spot for a television in the living room that prevents sun glare without relying on window treatments.

Desktop computers and laptops are also susceptible to glare from windows. So, an interior designer may want to move around a home office setup to create a more productive setup.

Another important detail is charging electronic devices because your family will inevitably use their smart devices while running low on battery. With this in mind, a professional may want to set up furniture in areas with electrical outlets nearby to make charging convenient and easy.

An ergonomic television viewing experience is at eye level in the middle of the screen. The living room couch, entertainment center, and television will all play essential roles in your view.

When your existing furniture does not allow for an ergonomic view, you can let an interior designer shop for new pieces and modify existing ones.


While the windows are the main culprit for causing glare on electronics, you also want to pay attention to the lighting in general. Recessed lights are often an excellent choice for heavy electronic use because the bulbs are in the ceiling and cannot easily cause glare.

Investing heavily into accent lighting is also worthwhile because it can create a desirable atmosphere with enough lighting to move around and see comfortably. Also, you will appreciate accent lighting because it will not get in the way of enjoying your electronics at all.


How you handle your windows can make a massive difference with electronics use. While you can keep windows closed to avoid glare, you may want to look outside often. An excellent solution is to invest in multiple window treatments to accommodate different situations.

For instance, you can get blackout curtains with sheer curtains and only use the blackout ones when you are actively using electronics.

Improving electronics use is easy to do with help from an interior designer.

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