interior design tips for kids' spacesinterior design tips for kids' spaces

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interior design tips for kids' spaces

Are you planning some small renovations in your kids' rooms or maybe their playroom? Interior design can be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially when working in kids' rooms and playrooms. This blog will provide you with all sorts of ideas that you can use in the spaces that your kids use each day. You will find tips about what types of paint to use, ideas for finishing the walls uniquely and even tips for finding the right furnishings for the space. You will also find ideas for tasks that your kids can help you with during the renovation process.


Are You Decorating Your Gift Boutique?

Are you about to open a brand-new boutique? Maybe you have been in business for a few years, but you are wanting to change things up a bit. Do you already have a plan for how you will decorate the boutique?

If you do already have a plan, then you don't need to read a single other word. However, maybe you are looking for decorating ideas. If that's the case, from arranging for wall mural design services to choosing new ways to display your merchandise, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Arrange For Wall Mural Design Services - Think of focusing on the walls of your boutique first. Consider the type of merchandise you sell. For example, if you sell things like swimming suits, coverups, sun hats, sundresses, and other beach items, then you probably want a beach theme for your mural.

If you do go with a beach theme, the wall mural design group might show you things like a mural with pretty women walking along the beach, a mural scene of sailboats, or even a mural with different kinds of colorful fish as part of the design.

Maybe you sell gift items from foreign countries. If so, the agent from the wall mural company might show you murals that depict places like Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, or London. Or, the mural might be of a huge steamship with people on board and heading to new and different places.

If you choose to have a mural on one wall only, of course you'll need to decide what to do with the remaining walls. A simple choice would be to just paint the walls with a color that will complement the mural you selected. Another idea is to stencil the painted wall. For example, if you chose a beach-themed mural, stencils of sailboats, fish, or shells would be perfect.

Choose Clever Display Objects - The way you display your merchandise will actually be part of your boutique's decorationl. For example, if you went with the beach theme, then anchors with hooks as part of their design would be the perfect place to place things like sundresses on hangers. A huge seashell would be a pretty place to display small jewelry items.

And, even if you use the shelving you currently have in the boutique, give it a new look. For instance, if you sell merchandise from foreign countries, one of your shelves could have a Spanish mantilla draped artistically under the merchandise on that shelf.

Look for a wall mural design company to learn more.