interior design tips for kids' spacesinterior design tips for kids' spaces

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interior design tips for kids' spaces

Are you planning some small renovations in your kids' rooms or maybe their playroom? Interior design can be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially when working in kids' rooms and playrooms. This blog will provide you with all sorts of ideas that you can use in the spaces that your kids use each day. You will find tips about what types of paint to use, ideas for finishing the walls uniquely and even tips for finding the right furnishings for the space. You will also find ideas for tasks that your kids can help you with during the renovation process.


Home Staging Tips To Help Increase The Value Of Your Home

Staging your home to help it sell is more than just cleaning your house and putting out the good pillows and towels. To help stage your home, you'll also need to clear out clutter, rearrange furniture, add some new items and update a few things around your house. See below for some home staging ideas to help increase the value of your home.

Clear Out Clutter

Clean out the clutter around your home such as the piles of magazines in your living room or bedroom, get rid of the mail/bill piles in your kitchen and also remove your large collection of figurines from your dining room. Also get rid of family photographs lining your walls in your hallway and office, and fill in the holes in the walls. Removing as much clutter as possible helps open up the space, while also helping to give your home a more neutral look.

Arrange Furniture

Arrange the furniture in your home to make it fell more open and welcoming. This may mean you'll need to take out a few items to allow the room to fell like a larger space. If you have two sofas and two armchairs, take out one sofa and one armchair. Take out the coffee table to open up the space a bit as well. In the dining room, take out a few chairs around the table and remove the hutch. In smaller bedrooms, take out the king sized bed and put a full or queen sized bed in instead. Removing some of the furniture will help open up the space and make rooms appear larger.

Add Furniture

Add furniture in rooms to rooms that are empty. If you have a spare bedroom that was used as an office, take out the office furniture and turn it back into a bedroom. In the empty basement, add a couch, an armchair and an area rug to make it look more like a den.

Update Your Home

Make a few upgrades to your home such as adding new hardware to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Add new faucets in these rooms as well and get rid of those old brass-colored faucets. Paint your front door and add new house numbers. Also install a new mailbox and plant new flowers around the front of your home, or add a few hanging baskets to give your front porch a punch of color. Painting the interior of your home can also help update your home. Paint over those bold colors and paint your interior neutral colors instead. The neutral colors can help a potential buyer see themselves living in your home, as opposed to the home that has a bright orange kitchen and bold blue living room.

Staging your home is worth the extra effort and can pay off with your home selling quickly. Hire a home staging service to have your home staged for you.